The Eco Friendly Dishwasher Water Softener
Safely removes the hard water minderals without harsh chemicals

Clean, crisp and spot free

Get clean and shiny dishes by putting a Soft-n-Shine™ packet in your dishwasher when you wash, that's it! No messy liquids, no poisonous powders, Soft-n-Shine is safe and reusable!

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As water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves small amounts of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals make your water hard, which means it doesn't rinse as well as soft water, and can result in spots and  film left on the dishes. 

Image Credit: Kinetico Water Systems 

A Unique Solution

Using proven anionic resin technology, Soft-n-Shine™ removes hard water minerals in your dishwasher, softening the water by up to 90%.  It's easy to use and requires no plumbing or wiring.  This ecologically friendly device can be used in any dishwasher, be it in your home, camper or RV.

3 Pack is only $23.99!

Each order is a complete 3 month supply of Soft-n-Shine™ (3 packets) and recharging/storage station.

Take a look at the instructions.

  • Removes hard water minerals
  • Low cost
  •  ​Requires no electricity
  • No magnets or electric “miracle” devices that never seem to work
  • Ecologically friendly, uses up to 99% less salt than a typical water softener
How it works
  • Soft-n-Shine™ contains thousands of anionic resin beads designed to capture and hold on to hard water minerals such as calcium and iron
  • During the dishwashing cycle, water flows though Soft-n-Shine, and the resin beads grab the hard water minerals, removing them completely
  • After several uses, Soft-n-Shine requires recharging in a brine solution, which causes the beads to release the captured minerals, making it ready to start softening again
How to use it
  • Soft-n-Shine™ is recharged by placing it in a concentrated salt solution for 15 minutes
  • After recharging, its ready to go for 5 to 7 loads depending on water hardness
  • When it's time to wash dishes, just place it on the top rack of the dishwasher, on top of the dishes where it can receive a spray of water
  • As the dishwasher runs, the water flows through the Soft-n-Shine™, which captures and removes hard water minerals that cause spots and scaling

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